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Gramps 3.3 Wiki Manual - Manage Family Trees

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Saving changes to your Family Tree
== Saving changes to your Family Tree ==
GRAMPS Gramps saves your changes as soon as you apply them. This means, for example, that any time you click {{man button|OK}} when using GRAMPSGramps, your changes are immediately recorded and saved. There is no separate "save" command.
You can undo changes you've have made by selecting ''' the menu {{man menu|Edit ->Undo '''}}. If you select this command repeatedly, your most recent changes will be undone one at a time. To roll back multiple commands at a time, you can using use the menu {{man labelmenu|Edit|Undo History...}} dialog available from the {{man label|Edit}} menu.
If you want to return your Family Tree to the way it was when you opened it, select ''' the menu {{man menu|Family Trees ->Abandon changes Changes and quit ''' Quit}}. (This is just like quitting without saving in other programs.)
If you would like to save a copy of your Family Tree under a different name, you will need to export it and then import it into a new Family Tree. The ''GRAMPS Gramps XML database'' database format is recommended for this purpose.
== Importing data ==

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