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Gramps 3.3 Wiki Manual - Manage Family Trees

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Unlocking a Family Tree
== Unlocking a Family Tree ==
When GRAMPS Gramps opens a tree, it locks the tree, preventing you or anyone else opening it at the same time. A second copy of GRAMPS Gramps will be able to open another family tree, but the tree already open will appear with the lock icon, indicating you cannot open it. Closing the tree in the first copy of GRAMPS Gramps will make it available to be opened in the second copy.
If you could open the same Family Tree in two GRAMPS Gramps at once, it is likely your data would be damaged.
In the unlikely event of a crash of GRAMPSGramps, the family tree will be left in a locked state. To unlock the tree, select the locked family tree, and click the {{man button|Unlock}} button that will be available. Only do this if you are sure no other copy of GRAMPS Gramps is using this family treeFamily Tree.
== Repairing a damaged Family Tree ==

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