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Gramps 3.3 Wiki Manual - Manage Family Trees

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Archiving a Family Tree
== Archiving a Family Tree ==
You can easily archive and timestamp family trees with GRAMPS Gramps built-in use of [ GNU Revision Control System] or ''RCS''. For this to be possible this utility must be installed on your computer.
To make an archive :
# load your family treeFamily Tree.# click on the Toolbar {{man button|Family Trees}} button (it has the gramps Gramps logo and displays {{man label|Manage databases}} when you hover over it).
# click on the family tree you've just loaded: the {{man button|Archive}} button should appear.
# click on {{man button|Archive}} and you will be asked for an archive name.
After archiving, the list of family trees will now show your original family tree with a right-pointing triangle on its left.
* Click on the triangle to display the archive name.(Click again to collapse the archive list).
If you click on an archive, the {{man button|Extract}} button becomes visible. Click on this to obtain the extracted archive. It will appear in the family tree list as ''<name of original tree>:<name of archive>'' and is now an independent family tree. This can be a useful way of preserving an archive, because archives disappear if the originating tree is deleted; and they are not incorporated into a Portable Gramps XML export of the tree.
== Extracting a Family Tree Archive ==

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