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Gramps 3.3 Wiki Manual - Manage Family Trees

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Opening a Family Tree: add warning
== Opening a Family Tree ==
To open a Family Tree, either choose ''' the menu {{man menu|Family Trees ->Manage Family Trees ''' ...}} or click the Toolbar {{man button|Family Trees}} button on the Toolbar. The {{man label|Family Tree Manager}} will appear and you'll will see a list of all the Family Trees known to GRAMPSGramps. An icon will display in In the {{man label|Status}} column an icon (looks like an open folder) will display beside any Family Tree that is currently open. Select the tree you want to open, and open it by selecting the {{man button|Load Family Tree}} button. Alternatively you can double-click on the desired Family Tree.
To open a recently accessed Family Tree, choose either ''' the menu {{man menu|Family Trees ->Open Recent ''' }} or the down arrow next to the Toolbar {{man button|Family Trees}} button and select the Family Tree from the list.
 {{man warn| Read Only Mode |If you do not have "write permissions" for the selected Family Tree, it will be opened in a Read Only mode. In this mode, the data may be viewed, but no changes will be made to the Family Tree. To indicate this mode, the title of the main window will be appended with '''(Read Only)''' text.}}
== Opening a GEDCOM or XML database ==

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