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All In One Gramps Software Bundle for Windows

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This distribution is directory based, which means it loads all dependencies from the directory in which they have been installed.
That folder's location depends on whether the person doing theinstallation has administrative rights on the Windows machine. Ifan administrator installs it the directory may be chosen, with thedefault suggestion being %ProgramFiles%\GrampsAIO (for example C:\Program Files\GrampsAIO). If a non-administrator installs it, it will be placed in the user's personal tree, in %APPDATA%\GrampsAIO(for example C:\Documents and Settings\Jones\Application Data\GrampsAIO).
So if you want to use it from the console/terminal (dos/cmd.exe prompt) you must first go to the directory where those dependencies were installed (GrampsAIO\bin); for example:
==How GrampsAIO was made==
* put all software Gramps needs in one package:
# all core non-python library libraries and applications# any optional non-python library libraries and applications
# python bindings for core libraries
# python bindings for optional libraries

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