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Gramps 3.3 Wiki Manual - Manage Family Trees

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Backing up a Family Tree
== Backing up a Family Tree ==
*The safest way to backup your GRAMPS Family Tree is to export without privacy options and filters to '''GRAMPS XML''' format (or '''GRAMPS Package''' to include items from your Gallery) and copy the resultant file to a safe place, preferably in a different building.
=== Backup dialog ===
Simply select "Make Backup..." from the "Family Trees" menu item.
You can either choose to include the media or not.
Note that this is just a regular XML export, except that no data is filtered out. You can import these as usual with any exported file.
You can also define the pattern for the backup filename by setting the ''paths.quick-backup-filename'' in the ~/.gramps/gramps33/gramps.ini key file like the following:
You can use any of the following keywords in the pattern: year, month, day, hour, minutes, seconds, filename, extension.
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*You can use the Archive feature (see next section) to store snapshots of your tree. These snapshots can be used as simple backups, very useful if you want to try something that you might later want to undo. However this method should not be used for standard backups, as it will not survive a hard disk crash or most of the other disasters that can befall a computer.

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