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3.2 Addons

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{{man warn|Outdated : This page listed [[Third-party Plugins|Third-party plugin]]s written by users and developers to work only with Gramps version listed.|Please make a [[How_to_make_a_backup|backed up.]] and upgrade to the current version of Gramps {{version}} and use the associated [[Third-party Plugins|Third-party plugin]]s<br />These Third-party plugin's/addons unless stated are not officially part of Gramps.}}
Third-party plugins give you more tools to work with your genealogy data in Gramps. This page lists plugins written by users and developers to work with the Gramps 3.2 version (released in March 2010). These plugins may not be officially part of Gramps. Feature requests and bugs with these plugins should be directed to the contact information below. Plugins for previous versions of Gramps can be found on the [[3.1.x Third-party Plugins]] page. Plugins for the next version of Gramps can be found at [[3.3 Addons]].
= Installing Addons in GRAMPS =
# click on the download link below
# Open the .ZIP or .gz file and save the contents to your [[GRAMPS User Directory]], in the <code>gramps32/plugins </code> folder
# Reload the plugins from the '''Help -> Plugin Status''' -> {{man button|Reload}} button.
# For some addons, you may need to restart gramps
''See [[Writing a plugin]] for information on developing your own addon.''
==See also==
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