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{{languages|GRAMPSGramps:Webhosting}}The GRAMPS project provides hosting for family web pages to the users of GRAMPS. This service is free and does not provide any revenue to the project. We hope that this is useful to GRAMPS users and we would like these sites to demonstrate the growing capabilities of GRAMPS.
We will let the users request an account and then upload their website data to this account. We reserve the right to place limits on the size of the upload. We will review the contents before posting them (see Terms of Use below for details), so '''if you are a spammer you are just wasting your time'''. ==Terms of use==By applying for a webhosting account on the http:{{man warn|Service discontinued// site, you are acknowledging acceptance of our terms of use. These terms are fairly simple, and are outlined below:# As the publisher of your web pagesNo longer available|Gramps did, you accept sole responsibility for their content. The GRAMPS project cannot be held responsible for their content.# The GRAMPS project is not responsible for any privacy violations that may be contained within your pages. Againmany years, you accept all responsibility provide a free hosting service for their contentpeople to post family trees.# The GRAMPS project reserves the right to refuse publication of any site without explanation. It is likely that the web site administrators will examine your pages before they are installed on the web site.<br># The GRAMPS project reserves the right to remove pages if we feel it is necessary. Typical reasons for removal would includeSadly, but are not limited to, abuse of with the site, copyright violations or privacy violations.# While we give you the opportunity change to increase security of your site by allowing you to assign a username and password to your pages, we cannot be held responsible for any security problems that may arise. The GRAMPS project pays for the web site and the bandwidthnew hosting service, but we are not in control of security. If your data are sensitive, think twice before publishing them. For maintenance reasons, the web site administrators may look at your data even if you request password protection.# All data contained in your pages belong no longer able to you, not provide the GRAMPS project. Please make sure you have copyright notices on your pages. ==Preparing your data==You should prepare your data for upload before requesting an upload accountservice. This means, you need first to create your web site and have it packaged into a single <codebr>.tar.gz</code> file. The current release of GRAMPS can output the narrative web site in this format. Otherwise, you can pack your data into There are a <code>.tar.gz</code> file like this:<code> tar czf my_data.tar.gz my_data_dir</code>where <code>my_data.tar.gz</code> is the new file to upload and the <code>my_data_dir</code> is the name number of the directory containing the website. If free hosting services that you have problems creating/packaging your data for upload, please [[could use - contact]] us to seek help before requesting an upload account below. After you have successfully packaged your data, return to this page and then request the upload account. ==Requesting an upload account==To request an upload account you will need to fill out the necessary information on [ the request page]. In particular, the following information will be required:* Name * Email address* Number of people in database* Requested upload account name* Requested upload account passwordWe will try to honor your account name users list and password request. you'''Final information and instructions will be emailed to the specified accountll get some good advice.''' Please note that your upload account and password are separate from any other username or password you may have already chosen for the site. The upload account name and password will be used only for uploading your data to this site. ==Privacy options==Normally, all data on this site are publicly available. Anyone who wants to look at the pages may do so. If you want to restrict access to your data, requiring a username and a password to access the data, please also provide the optional data:* Requested read account name* Requested read account passwordIf you set these up, the users will be required to enter the username and password before they can have access to the siteSee [[Library]].}}
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