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3.1 Roadmap

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=== Other Features ===
* Experimental HtmlView and [[GeoView]]. This will not be visible to the user as the code is experimental, but can be activated easily by the user by changing the keys.ini file [Serge, Benny]. [ #1551]
* Filters [Benny, Peter, Jérôme, Michiel, Gary]: [ #2465], [ #2603]
** New Bases for rules (HasGallery, HasLDS, HasNote, HasSource, ChangedSince)
** Counter on rules using Base (lesser than, greater than, equal to <n>)
** New rules on primary objects : Event/, Event/, Event/, Event/, Event/, Family/, Family/, Family/, Family/, Family/, MediaObject/, Person/ (update), Person/, Person/ (update), Person/, Person/, Person/, Person/, Person/, Place/, Place/, Place/, Place/ (can now search by street), Source/, Source/, Source/, MediaObject/, Note/, Repository/
* experimental SQLite export [Doug ?]
* privacy: proxy Note filter (GRAMPS XML, GPKG, GEDCOM, SQLite) [Brian, Robert] [ nabble], [ archives]
* unlinked objects proxy: prevents Gramps from exporting objects that are not linked to people filtered for export. [Gary]
* Add "Export View..." action on Note View [ #2607]
* Allow "Full screen" size and other UI changes to improve usability on netbooks. [Gary]
* New preference tabs, displays/manages keys related to dates (still present on .gramps/keys.ini) and displays/manages 'internet maps' for GeoView [Doug, Serge, Benny, ...] [ #2291], [ #1551]
* Calculate age on Relationships View [Doug]

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