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|native_name = '''''France'''''
|conventional_long_name = '''...République française'''
|common_name = France
|image_flag = France.png
[ France] is a country in west Europe bordered by [[Belgium|Belgium]], [[Germany]], [[Luxembourg]], [[Spain]], [[Italie]], [[Switzerland]] and ([[England]]). France has a population of over sixty million people.
==Genealogical Associations==
===Online collections===
* [ Gallica] is the French numerical librarie. Sounds, pictures, text are free of charges. Like [ Europeana], Gallica use [[OCR]] (optical character recognition) for search.
* [ Europeana] is more what could be an european librarie. Hungary, Portugal and France are curently currently active. Go to Histoire et Géographie -> Bibliographies et généalogie.
* [ Geneasoft] lists most up-to-date genealogical informations and programs
* [ Geoportail] is the online maps for current French places.

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