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Here you can learn how to use GRAMPS in practice, with where to find manuals, use-cases, examples, problem solving, support.
For a general overview of the content, see the [[Category:Documentation|documentation index]].
Some [[Reviews]] provide a critical perspective on Gramps.
== GRAMPS terminology ==
GRAMPS uses the language of genealogists. Sometimes this might be a bit daunting. What follows gives an overview of terms used, with the meaning as used in GRAMPS, and with suggestions on how to work with these objects.
* [[Events in GRAMPS|Events]] - What is an event, how to use it, which events are predefined?
* [[Sources in GRAMPS|Sources]] - What is meant by a source, how to use a source reference?
* [[Repositories in GRAMPS|Repositories]] - Is your home a repository? The web?
* [[Places in GRAMPS|Places]] - How should you organize your places?
* [[Category:GRAMPS terminology|Overview of terms]] - Address, call name, ...
== Tutorials ==
Several Tutorials on how to use GRAMPS in specific situations are available, see [[Category:Tutorials| All Tutorials]]. Some quick pointers:
* [[Filter]]s
Related to Sources
* [[Recording UK Census data|Entering UK Census Data]]. Note that this covers how to record sources, so is useful for other countries as well.
Related to Reports
*[[Howto: Make a genealogy website with GRAMPS]]
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