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Freeware, shareware and commercial genealogy applications are available.

You do not have full freedom when using this software, be aware of this!

We advise you read the copyright/license notice on what you can do. Some do not allow selling of output you create, some limit what you can do in the free version, ...

The Gramps project supports open source genealogical software, for the freedoms it offers the users. These freedoms are important for genealogists:

  • You fully own the content you create
  • No vendor lock-in due to use of obscure formats
  • Code sources available (fork or still active development if there is no more support for users)

FLOSS applications

Gramps is free/libre and open source, a list of other free/libre and open source applications: Other genealogy software


Freeware are free programs under a generic license which is not considered Open Source.

GED Browser


Free software.

Catch: to obtain it you need to leave mailing information. The software is released by a commercial firm that will use this information for its commercial products. The company has the right to change the license whenever they feel like it.




GED Browser is a GEDCOM converter that produces HTML to display GEDCOM files. The description from the GED Browser website is as follows:

The ultimate tool for converting your genealogy to HTML. No other tool uses such a unique and appealing design that displays both descendants and ancestors in one chart, giving virtually all the information found on a family group sheet. No other tool creates a "Site Map" view of your genealogy showing your entire genealogical tree in a way that graphically depicts the shape of your tree. With every individual represented and linked to their individual pedigree chart.

The Dynamic Family Tree


See http://dftcom2.co.uk/copyrght.html. A form of freeware, forbidden to modify or sell.

Catch: You can not sell trees made with the software.




The Dynamic Family Tree is an MS windows GEDCOM compiler that produces Java based interface to display GEDCOM files in a tree structure. The description from the Dynamic Family Tree website is as follows:

  1. Displays fully graphical, interactive family tree on a web browser (see example).
  2. Implemented as a Java Applet - very fast response to user actions.
  3. Shows children, spouse and four generations of ancestors of the individual at the tree focus.
  4. Individuals colour coded according to relationship to the tree owner
  5. Display details by positioning mouse pointer over an individual.
  6. Display Image (where available) of individual at the tree focus.



  • Wintree is shareware, and free to download and try, with no obligation.
  • GWintree is freeware, but not open source.


  • Wintree: Windows
  • GWintree: Mac OS X, Solaris, Linux


  • Wintree Wintree is an easy-to-use family tree program which provides facilities to manage genealogical data in the standard GEDCOM format, to create, view, edit and merge GEDCOM files, and to produce reports, charts and family trees.

Family trees can be created showing all blood relatives - all ancestors, all descendants, and all descendants of all ancestors.

GWintree under Ubuntu 10.10
  • GWintree provides GEDCOM-based facilities to record, view, edit and merge genealogy data, and to produce reports, family trees showing all relatives, and other charts, The program is a port to Linux of Wintree v5.1, offering similar functionality.