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Before upgrading your distribution

Use your earlier version of Gramps to backup your Family Trees to the hardy and portable XML format1.

All-In-One installer

Before downloading the All-In-One software installer bundle for Windows: Use your earlier version of Gramps to backup your Family Trees to the hardy and portable XML format1.

This installer supports Microsoft Windows in all versions Vista/7 and later. The 64-bit versions of Windows allow more efficient access to more resources.

(Please note: Gramps prefers the Python-3.5 and Gtk-3.18 libraries and newer. Those libraries have dropped support for Windows XP. But Gramps can still be run on Windows XP with earlier library versions, i.e., Python3.4.4 and Gtk-3.16)

After download: double-click to install Gramps.
By default: new releases will be added in a new directory and earlier installations of Gramps will not be overwritten; the language will be a mix of British and US English.


During installation, one shortcut is placed on the desktop and two shortcuts are added the Start menu.
Please only use the 'console' secondary shortcut when performing diagnostics requested by a developer.
1) GrampsAIOXX 5.2.2 ← for normal use of Gramps
GrampsAIOXX 5.2.2-console

Normally, when you try to load your old Family Tree you can allow it to be upgraded if necessary, and it will be opened. Should this fail for any reason, Create a new Family Tree and Import the back-up into this new Tree.

Use the Windows AIO (All-In-One) version, please use the download links above. For more information about individual versions, console and debug modes, release notes, etc., look at this page (English only). Or, you might want to look at the description of what is meant by an All In One Bundle.

Missing other languages

Microsoft Window Gramps AIO Installer Choose Components-Selection window.

The default Gramps AIO installer will embed the US dialect of English for the interface with the British spellcheck dictionary.

If you prefer a different language (or spell with the US or Australian dialects of English), please ensure that you pay special attention to the Choose Components phase of the installation.

To install a language other than English, select from both the Translations and Dictionaries during the Choose Components phase of the installation.

Even your primary language is installed by default, you might anticipate the need to spellcheck Notes in other than the British dialect of English. Be certain to select the appropriate languages from Dictionaries. Gramps will not access your Operating System's native dictionary.

There is no simple facility for adding interface or dictionary languages after installation.

When launching the PortableApps fork of Gramps, this splash screen appears.

A PortableApps version will run from an external device without the requirement of installing on the OS drive. PortableApps installations are not for touchscreen-based mobile devices. They just allow the application to run from external storage, USB thumbdrives.

You can download the 5.2.1 Gramps Portable version from:

Note that also has a Legacy 3.4.9 version of Gramps available -- although it is not recommended for general use; just for recovering older format databases.

Portable Gramps from includes all dependencies required for Windows. Note:You can install it on C: then to run Gramps type C:\PortableApps\GrampsPortable\GrampsPortable.exe (Or the path you installed it to) or make a shortcut to that file on your desktop or start-menu. Please report packaging issues here

Chocolatey NuGet Package

You may also install using the alternative independent Gramps Chocolatey NuGet Package

Chocolatey NuGet is a Machine Package Manager, somewhat like apt-get, but built with Windows in mind.

Gramps for Windows with MSYS2

How to use MSYS2 to run latest Gramps development version from source in 64bit Windows.


Backup to Gramps XML format when updating. Although Gramps reads and writes GEDCOM 5.5.1 format fluently (because it is the de facto format for genealogical data interchange), never depend on such a rudimentary format for archiving your research. GEDCOM cannot store all the intricacies found in Gramps data. Always backup with the more robust Gramps XML format.

Menubar - "Family Trees > Make Backup..."

You will find a Make Backup... option in the Family Trees menu of recent Gramps versions. Alternately, use Export... in the same menu but deselect the privacy and filtering options in the Exporter Assistant to avoid omission of any data.

See: How to make a backup

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