Howto: Change the Gramps settings via Gnome

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This article only applies to Gramps prior to 2008 and the 3.0.0 version.

To read about changing settings on the current version of Gramps, see the Settings section of the user manual.

How to change your Gramps setting via GNOME

GNOME provides a central system called GConf for storing user preferences on behalf of individual applications. Also Gramps uses the GConf API. The GConf database is structured like a filesystem, containing keys. Those keys are organized into a tree hierarchy. Each key can have a name and a value. GConf has several tools. There is a GUI that brings you to the Configuration Editor. This GUI does not appear by default in an Ubuntu Applications Menu. You can edit the Application menu and add it. Got to Applications -> Accessories -> Alacarte Menu Editor -> System Tools and turn on the Configuration Editor.

See the Chapter 4. Settings and Advanced Manipulations of Settings sections of the Gramps version 2.2 manual.

If you use the GNOME desktop and you run

sudo gconf-editor

in a terminal and give your root password, you will get a list of all your GNOME settings. If you look in apps you will find gramps.

When you open Configuration Editor, you'll notice that there is no Save button. All changes are immediate and take care with your changes! The list has following sub-items:

  • behavior
  • interface
  • paths
  • researcher

For easy reference you can bookmark the gramps position so you do not need to scroll down the complete list.